Avatar The Last Airbender - Appa I'm a Warrior, but I'm a Girl too.

I'm a Warrior, but I'm a Girl too.

I'm Jordan, I'm 16, and I'm female. I love Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra and now a lot of anime. I have a ton of stuff linked in the navigation below so check that out if you want. My ask box is always open so ask away...

fangsupbarbie sent: Who are you: Barbara :) Whats your favorite color: Dark Red Favorite ship: Naomily (Skins UK) Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip Do you have a cat: No, two dogs Thank you: You're welcome x)

helllooooooo :D

dark red is a pretty color :P and i dont know what Skins is?? lol 

i have never had mint chocolate chip icecream… i only eat vanilla XD

i have a dog and he isnt the sharpest tool in the shed and i have a cat and she is the embodiment of Satan

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